Oil Change Facility

Location: Conroe, Texas


This function of this building will be a service center for automobiles and RV’s including but not limited to oil changes, state inspections and mechanical service. The building is two-stories with the bottom story being a basement (highlighted in yellow below).

Structural System:

Basement (Pit) – Cast-in-place concrete walls with isolated spread footings for the interior columns.

Structural Floor Above Pit : Composite concrete deck with 1½ composite metal deck with 4½” of reinforced concrete for a total thickness of 6″. The composite deck is supported by composite structural steel beams which frame into structural steel columns and the cast-in-place concrete basement walls.

Level 1 Slab: Stiffened slab-on-grade.

Superstructure: Metal Building System.

Unique Design Criteria:

The elevated floor of the pit needed to be designed to support a Class A RV which  based on our research indicated a 26,000 pound total weight. We utilized the AASHTO HS-10 (bridge design) weight distribution formula which assigns 80% of the weight to the rear axle and 20% to the front axle/ This resulted  in a design vehicular wheel load of 10,400 pounds on a minimum contact area of 150 square inches.

Composite Structural Steel Beams:

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Project Photos:


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