Mult-Family Structural Design

Dudley Engineering has experience with duplex, fourplex, garden, wrap and podium style multi-family projects. We utilize advanced wood framing techniques to reduce material while maintaining performance.

We have experience with a broad array of structural systems commonly used in multi-family construction such as: two-way, flat plate,  post-tensioned slab, one-way slab, metal-plate connected wood trusses, structural and gypsum sheathing shear walls, CMU and cast-in-place concrete shaft walls, structural steel framing, and composite metal deck.

Read our blogs about our multi-family experience:

 Multi-Family Development - Spring, Tx

Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses

Type V Wood Construction
Flat plate structural slab
Column cage at flat plate structural slab for podium style development
Type III Wood Construction
Type III Wood Construction

Typical Roof Framing - Multi-Family
Typical Roof Framing

Typical Corridor Framing at Top Floor - Multi-Family
Typical Corridor Framing at Top Floor

Typical Floor Truss Framing - Multi-Family
Typical Floor Truss Framing

Multi-Family Framing Leasing Space
Multi-Family Framing Leasing Space