Self Storage Market

Dudley Engineering is well-versed in the world of storage which has grown leaps and bounds in the last 50 years. As recently as the ’60’s and ’70’s self storage was more or less a mom and pop operation with owner/operators enjoying relative little competition in the marketplace. Today, investors in self storage face a highly competitive marketplace that requires proper planning and action on multiple fronts to maximize profits.

What is self storage?

“The self-service storage business is the rental of commercial real estate. The facility operator is a landlord and the customer is a tenant. The self storage operator does not store the tenant’s personal property. The storage operator rents a space suitable for storage purposes to the tenant. All storage activity is conducted by the tenant. Unlike a warehouse operator, a self storage facility operator has no direct relationship with the tenant’s stored property. The self storage operator is not a bailee and does not have care, custody or control of the tenant’s stored property” (What is Self Storage: Self-Storage Association:

Single-Story Self Storage

Single-story self storage typically takes on the form of a metal building. On these projects, our scope is generally limited to designing the foundation (especially important on site with expansive soils) and reviewing the metal building submittal for conformance with the building code.

Typical Foundation for Single Story Self Storage
Typical Foundation for Single Story Self Storage

Multi-Story Self Storage

Typically three-stories with cold-formed steel framing bearing walls, composite concrete floor slabs and CMU elevator and stair shaft walls. Our scope on the projects typically includes both the foundation and superstructure.

Check our multi-story self storage project blog at the following link:

SAFStor Old Spanish Trail - Multi-Story Self Storage
SAFStor Old Spanish Trail – Image from ARCO Design/Build & ADB Design Services