Sway Bee Caves – Thai Cuisine

A Blend of Fine Dining and Innovative Design and Construction

Dudley Engineering blended the cold-formed steel design with the structural steel frame to provide a robust and economical structural system. The structural system consisted of cold-formed steel diagonal strap braced X-bracing lateral system, cold-form steel and structural steel roof joists, cold-form steel roof trusses, and composite structural steel beams with composite metal deck.

The use of cold-formed steel cut down the construction schedule as well as material and labor costs since all the members can be handled by a single laborer and connections can be completed via metal screws in lieu of welding or bolting.

Project Manager: Drew Dudley, PE



Example of Structural Drawings

Contact Drew Dudley, PE at ddudley@dudleyengineering.com for more information or to view a full set of the structural plans.